IT education for adults

VEU Sourcing Company actively invests in educational programs that help many people get a modern specialty in various IT-domains. Annually we give jobs to more than 1500 people around the world, and even more to come.


Financing belarussian educational center where people can get IT specialty. IT-Academy was created to meet staffing needs of 138 companies of the Belarus Hi-Tech Park. Educational center provides wide variaty of programs, has professional tutors and modern equipment.


More then 8,000 online training courses on IT and business management topics that are available via Learning Management System (LMS).

Electronic Library

Online book library 24/7, developped by SkillSoft features over 20,000 electronic books on business and technology.

IT education for children

ITeen Academy

Educational center offers IT education for children and teenagers from 6 to 15 years. Courses combine modern technologies, the experience of teachers and individual approach to each student.

Courses cover different depths of the child's knowledge and his age, offering a wide range of activities to his liking:

  • Primary IT education
  • Design and Web-technologies
  • Computer programming
  • Robotics
  • Creation of games
  • 3D modeling

Investments in advanced technologies


Thanks to the evolution of machine learning, big data and neural networks we are experiencing another round of the artificail intelligence development.


We’re looking for blockchain startups and ideas at the intersection of domains. When this technology lifts up a traditional viewpoint and gives new possibilities.

Internet of Things

VEU Sourcing Company is interested in new areas where we can apply connected devices and deliver great experience for businesses and customers.


Investing in robotics camps and companies. We’re interested in production and educational aspects, as well as reducing the technological unemployment level.

Farming + IT

VEU Sourcing Company is now actively deploying a modern ways of farming, that combine traditional organic production with informational technologies, big data and blockchains. We are looking for new technologies and startups, that can deliver smart affordable devices and digital solutions.

Farming + IoT + Blockchain

Blockchain Community-Supported Agriculture is a new future for popular Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, which aims to create mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers.

Supporting the farming startups

We are looking for startups that deliver smart affordable devides and technologies to operate them, both sotfware and hardware.

Vitaly Brukhman

Managing partner of VEU Sourcing Company
An information technology professional and entrepreneur
  • Created, grew, managed and transferred technology development and recruiting outsourcing teams
  • Negotiated and closed project engagement contracts worth up to $3,500,000
  • Recruited, supervised and mentored key members of the project and companies teams
  • Oversaw relationship with joint venture and subsidiary management teams
  • Founded a software startup company focused on marketing and digital signage technology, and led product development and market testing
  • Led a mobile app startup project through product development from “napkin UI” to 2.0
  • Sponsored and oversaw development of an edu-taining program in computer programming and robotics for kids from 9 to 14
  • Sponsored and oversaw R&D project to create an original inexpensive robot-building kit