TrainingVEU Sourcing Company is a training center that offers a wide selection of high-quality professional courses and programs on IT and business management topics.

The courses are available for online access or provided via Learning Management System (LMS) that can be installed on your company’s hardware. LMS is fully customizable to your company’s needs.

Course Catalog

We offer more than 8.000 various teaching courses and programs.

The content of each course addresses specific needs, with a great attention being paid to various details and nuances.

All the courses are narrated by professional actors, and feature theme illustrations, role games and practical exercises, so as to make the teaching process both useful and fun.

Each year, we introduce over 300 new courses.

The VEU Sourcing courses cover the following topics:

Information Technologies:

  • operating systems and server technologies;
  • Internet and network technologies;
  • enterprise database systems;
  • web design;
  • building software skills.

Business Management:

  • resource management;
  • effective leadership;
  • effective communication and negotiation;
  • strategic management;
  • project management.

Professional Certification

VEU Sourcing offers preparation courses for professional certification in IT, business- and project management.

The VEU Sourcing preparation courses are developed by SkillSoft company with an aim to prepare IT professionals for more than 50 certificates issued by acknowledged international bodies.

The content of IT courses conforms to the requirements of IT vendors on special courses and products, and may be accepted as lecture credits (whenever required by vendor, e.g. for PMI certification).

In our work, we use certification matrices to identify the courses and the number of hours necessary to prepare for any particular certification.

Learning Management System (LMS)

You can access our user-friendly LMS provided on-line through the Internet.

The main advantage of our learning portal is:

  • Easily adjustable individual graphic interface and flexible system administration (assignment of learning roles, curriculum selection, user profile management, user interface configuration).
  • Access to a large number of educational and testing resources from SkillSoft database, as well as other user directories.
  • Creation and utilization of learning plans designed by students or a person responsible for training.
  • Ability to save detailed reports for a fuller control of learning process and digestion of information.

We also facilitate implementation and support of local LMS, the choice of which depends on the client’s technical capacities and learning objectives. The systems can be customized to meet your needs: you can order and install additional options, personalized interface, adaptive testing, and interactive content.

Various forms and methods

Our courses’ materials represent a balanced combination of different teaching methods and tools: mini-lectures, discussions, case studies, online teaching, written exercises and business games.

Designed by SkillSoft and offered by VEU Sourcing the courses are focused on solving specific problems; they are designed to form positive thinking in students and encourage them to put their newly-acquired knowledge into practice. For this purpose, a variety of role games, simulations, exercises, and case studies are used.

Electronic Library

VEU Sourcing presents on the Belarusian market an Online Books Library “Book 24×7″, developed by SkillSoft, and featuring a huge collection of electronic books (over 20,000) on IT business and technology topics.

Each month, the library is updated with new material.

Using a convenient context search system, you can easily find the required information by keywords and topics.