Support: CallCenter, HelpDesk, TechSupport and Temp Services

Support servicesVEUSourcing is focused on high-tech industry. The core of our team went through the trenches of operations of Russian software development outsourcing. This helps us develop experience, expertise, connections and understanding of our clients’ needs that other business support firms could hardly match. High-tech operations require infrastructure correspondingly: including business software and support for it too.

Once an operations team grows past a certain size, – varies depending on the field, – supporting your employees in their daily work becomes a challenge of its own. Call center groups have to endeavor to do more than ever before – cut costs, drive more revenue, adhere to stringent requirements – all while delivering a great user experience. These are intimidating goals for any center, especially when confronted by high turn-over, and fluctuating demand.

VEUSourcing would work with you and carefully selected partners to quickly setup a framework of services and information systems to get your Eastern-European division employees, – or customers, – covered with a flexible and reliable support.

VEUSourcing goes extra step to help your people be successful with their missions. You could rely on VEUSourcing to assist you finding administrative and other personnel to fill urgent short-term needs including secretaries, interpretors, administrative assistants, receptionists, and HR assistants.

Your employees and contractors coming to work at Eastern European division might need additional administrative services.

VEUSourcing helps foreign contractors to come and work legally providing assistance with:

  • Work permits;
  • Residence permits;
  • Invitation letters;
  • Visa support;
  • Hotel reservation, meeting at the airport, interpreter service;
  • Registration at the local administrative organizations;
  • Personal annual income tax returns preparation.