Recruiting Operations


Our HR services portfolio offers immediate access to an array of HR management and HR consulting services that enable VEU Sourcing to handle in Eastern Europe critical HR-focused business responsibilities for you.

VEU Sourcing recruiting specialists would perform both online and in-person recruiting services enabling you to meet your recruiting objectives while significantly cutting the time and cost of most recruiting activities.

We offer

  • Recruiting & Screening- background check, testing, and training
  • Management - Information reporting, performance reviews, and more
  • Administration - Record management, time reporting, benefits, invoicing, special events management

VEU Sourcing has the experience, expertise and resources to provide solutions:

  • Recruiting
  • Time Reporting
  • HR Consulting
  • Professional and Organizational Training and Certification

VEU Sourcing  will

  • Search for candidates,
  • Schedule interviews,
  • Track applicants,
  • Interview each candidate over any available means of electronic communications and in-person,
  • Follow up with your decision makers regarding candidates who completed a job-specific electronic skill assessments and met the minimum requirements,
  • Follow up with each candidate regarding decisions made.

Our assessments provide detailed information about a candidate’s background, skills and experiences enabling focused and productive interviews.

One of the unique capabilities of VEU Sourcing is its background check service in countries where such services have not been commercially available. We will appropriately check a potential employee’s character, reputation, and lifestyle. The background check will range from a simple criminal history search to search through more sensitive information regarding civil records, bankruptcy and credit reports, or driving records. General background checks will usually include verification of professional licenses, educational levels, employment history, and references. A thorough background check may also include drug testing, and physical and psychological exams.

We would run for you a comprehensive recruiting campaigns, could provide on-demand electronic reports about their status, and also use or integrate with HR and Recruiting Management information systems of your choice.

VEUSourcing has top quality people and technology to help expand and manage your workforce.