About Us


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VEUSourcing Company provides the services, insight and technology to quickly establish, expand and operate clients’ high-tech divisions across Eastern Europe.

We assist the companies with existing or anticipated technology development centers: currently at locations in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine and Moldova.

VEUSourcing management team members collectively bring to a table the dozens of years of experience with corporate technology and management consulting, Information Technology (ITO) and Business Process (BPO) Outsourcing. They contribute to our clients’ organizations the global, multi-cultural prospective to and useful framework of interfaces with the local business environments.

Founded afresh in 2007, VEUSourcing Company, taps into the strengths of the teams of technology development and business management specialists formed and hardened since the early days of software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe in 1990s.

Our regional representatives have extensive training and practical experience in technology development and industrial psychology. VEUSourcing and affiliated teams of legal advisors, bookkeepers and accountants speak the languages of the lands, carefully follow the local legislations and stay fluent in the best global business and accounting practices.

We bring innovative thinking, creative customized services and rapid action to meet ever-changing needs of our clients.